9Mobile Nigeria Has Started Growing Again!

9Mobile Nigeria Has Started Growing Again!

People, 9Mobile Nigeria has started growing again. That is a very good inflection point as the 4th mobile carrier added about 33,000 users in the month of August when compared to July. For months, 9Mobile has been bleeding users. So, that it added new users in two consecutive months should be seen as a welcome development. The new CEO, Alan Sinfield, may have a magic wand here.



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One thought on “9Mobile Nigeria Has Started Growing Again!

  1. The ‘Alan Effect’ is in action, and it will continue to tick up, as long as the team doesn’t put any foot wrong.

    Nigerians know how to support anyone who’s struggling, just press the right buttons, and you will see support and goodwill flying in from all corners.

    With one or two partnerships and collaborations, they will breach the ten million mark once again. Add some swag and awoof, another one or two million box could be ticked.

    Like I said the other day, both second and third positions are still up for grab, nobody owns anything solid in that market; many of the consumers are just interested in value for money, not brand name.


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