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A few digital marketing tips for all brands

A few digital marketing tips for all brands

In its digital marketing strategies, every brand should be able to effectively communicate the distinctive features of its industry, leveraging them in the creation of its online content and positioning itself even more effectively in its target market, taking every opportunity to clearly stand out from its competitors.

We are not just talking about the themes that best suit each product category and its online content, but certain intangible characteristics that represent the purest essence of each industry, such as dynamism, sophistication, passion, simplicity and many others. A brand specializing in interior design, for example, will have to do more than just communicate the functional characteristics of its products; it will also have to give each of its creations an aura of refinement and elegance that is specific to the industry, and which cannot be separated from everything else at all.

Among the tasks of online communication on social networks nowadays is also to discreetly express the founding characteristics of a brand, those often elusive and elusive elements that make up its essence, transforming them into a special bed on which to lay all the rest of the publications, whether corporate or product in nature, making the need for social media very clear.

The role of immateriality

Communication based essentially on technical, material, concrete features will have completely different effects on the network audience, and in all likelihood will bring no benefit in terms of leads or conversions.

On the other hand, content characterized by the co-presence of tangible and intangible elements, as indeed the distinctive features of an industry can be, has a completely different flavor, and seems to be animated by that touch of magic that makes it immediately distinguishable from cold posts devoted solely to the physicality of the product.

Sometimes, this effect can be achieved with words, perhaps by including a particularly elegant or sophisticated expression in the post, or even through a color choice of great aesthetic value, capable of producing a certain level of impact on observers.

In a social media such as Instagram, the innate characteristics of a particular industry can also be communicated through the color consistency of individual posts, which is clearly perceptible when scrolling through content from the main page of a profile, below the biography.

The case of Zain

A particularly interesting case study from this perspective is that of Zain, a Kuwaiti brand specializing in telecommunications. In its online communication strategy, articulated within the main website and several social media outlets, the brand managed to effectively and unobtrusively express the founding characteristics of a company specializing in telecommunications, through a content mix that was fully capable of adapting in the best possible way to the characteristics of the individual social networks used for its online communication.

The two main characteristics to be communicated, in this sense, were undoubtedly represented by the dynamism of modern telecommunications and the interconnection between people, fostered and nurtured precisely by the services offered by the Kuwaiti brand. On the brand’s profiles, these two features naturally emerge amidst all the other content posted, imposing themselves on the attention of every user with great effectiveness.

Anyone who consults even for a few minutes the brand’s profiles will certainly get the impression that they have visited the pages of a dynamic and people-serving company, particularly with regard to interconnectedness.

The trend of focusing communication activities around people, and their essential needs, has now become a real operational habit for a large number of companies, and not only in Kuwait. The point is that nowadays, in the face of changing consumer tastes and expectations, companies find themselves in the position of always having to offer very personalized and tailored services, giving the impression that they are devoting themselves body and soul to their consumer, just as is the case in Kuwait with the Zain brand.

The telecommunications sector, in Kuwait, is certainly not alone in offering specialized and extremely dynamic services for its users. The world of online entertainment, for example, continues to offer vast selections of online casinos in Kuwait and other games of the same genre, in order to allow anyone, regardless of their experience, to find the most suitable site where they can indulge in the pleasure of online entertainment, in a safe and perfectly legal manner.

The presence of reviews and invaluable guides, moreover, allows even beginners to start their online adventure in a simple and intuitive way, starting with registration and then continuing with the completion of the first deposit, until the actual game begins.

The real challenge, for today’s marketers, is to effectively communicate the intangible values of the brand as well, alongside the more material ones to create the perfect mix.

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