A Great EHR Solution Is Important In Any Healthcare System

A Great EHR Solution Is Important In Any Healthcare System

At the heart of healthtech innovations, the place of a great EHR solution is not negotiable. Like they say, data is the new oil; in the health sector it’s the same story. All healthtech innovations have their foundation on data, and by implication a working Electronic Health Record solution.

The EHR solution serves as a house to health sector data; but beyond that, it is primarily a healthtech innovation with the goal of making healthcare delivery easier and seamless. It’s relevance however outweighs that and in the end, it powers other innovations in the space. Start with Telehealth or telemedicine; The doctor wouldn’t be able to properly and effectively diagnose patients and recommend medications if he cannot access the patients records from previous encounters. This is obviously served by an EHR solution. In addition, most of the prescriptions and doctor’s comments, since it’s a virtual meet up, are delivered using the same EHR system.

Now let’s take the huge invasion of Artificial Intelligence in medicine. AI algorithms are increasing the efficiency of healthcare delivery in a lot of ways one of which includes helping to detect early stage disorders like cancer and heart attack, and also in speeding up medical research and vaccine development.

AI basically works with data. The effectiveness of these algorithms is totally dependent on the quality and quantity of data used. This can’t be powered by paper records, only EHR solutions have the ability to deliver the needed dataset in the needed quality. This is why practices and institutions that are planning for the future of healthcare delivery are already migrating to Electronic Health Record solutions.

Payments and Health insurance is also another area where technology is improving operations in healthcare. Well built EHR solutions have the ability to power payments within their platforms and also effectively enforce health insurance schemes. This helps practices easily evaluate their earnings and tell what level of the value chain they have more profits from.

Any practice that is looking to still feature in the future of healthcare delivery, with respect to the massive disruptions caused by technology across different sectors needs to already migrate their operations to a functional Electronic Health Record system to serve as a pillar to coming innovations.

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