A Great Feeling Receiving a Special Gift

A Great Feeling Receiving a Special Gift

Today, I received a special gift from one of my clients. An Abuja-based asset financing and leasing company, Amaecom, packaged many goodies for me, and my firm. This is a company we have billed thousands of U.S. dollars for different services. Yes, I could be relatively expensive, but I am not sure I have ever had any client that regretted hiring my firm. That is right; Amaecom joins the league of happy clients: it sent me a plaque with my face on it. And with these words:


  • Prof Ndubuisi Ekekwe
  • Fasmicro Group
  • Discovery Innovation Workshop
  • Appreciation for unrivalled quality in African management systems


At Fasmicro Group, we bring new dimensions in helping clients: my client’s business is my business. I put tenacity, focus and commitment for absolute quality. Our Discovery Innovation Workshop is legendary on its outcome. We use the African management frameworks which I engineered for African market because most foreign frameworks are inadequate in accommodating market inefficiencies in our economies. When we apply our frameworks in a business, we unlock value, for companies of any size, and in any industry.

Amaecom is growing, with 28 branches and operations in Ghana and Cameroon. It is employing hundreds of Nigerians. As I look deep into the future,  I see a leading African brand. I am extremely happy for the young people executing the Amaecom vision. A vision to help people afford possibilities through efficient financing systems.

If you want the best team in asset financing in West Africa, Amaecom is the place to be. I mean, its oasis, the best product in the business, is the BuyNow PayLater. That product is seeding great innovations and growth in the firm which was started by a visionary named Marcel Ofomata. He saw a market need, and he took action.

People, improve your cashflow, do not buy all assets, but finance some. Amaecom is always ready to help.



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