A Higher Mentor And “Peace be Still”

A Higher Mentor And “Peace be Still”

They were men of great capabilities. They excelled in their fields. They were masters of waters, having core competencies on navigating sea waves as fishermen.

But one day, they were on the Sea of Galilee, legendary for its shallow depth – the lowest freshwater and second-lowest lake on earth. Fed by River Jordan, with the Golan Heights by the side, a wave can easily gather momentum causing problems along the paths. Like Shakespeare’s The Tempest, imagine a strong wave on a shallow freshwater!

On that day, the disciples, experts on waters, had their capabilities tested.  Four of them were recruited by their Master while working on that very Sea. There was a ferocious wave and the men worked to navigate it by themselves. They forgot their Higher Mentor. Then, they gave up, and asked for help. “Peace be still” were the words, and the storm stopped.

Our doctors, healthcare experts, and political leaders are those we cherish. We depend on them to protect and safeguard us. They are working and leading on the coronavirus pandemic. Yet, many need to hear “peace be still” to all the pains, confusions and paralyses coronavirus is bringing to families and nations; many experts are projecting that “tens of thousands” could die over coronavirus. 

Find a higher mentor, to reassure you that “things will be fine”. Do not lose it as the world juggles the paralysis of this virus. Find a way to stay calm – a higher purpose as we hope for a miracle-ated vaccine to tell coronavirus – “peace be still”.


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