A Huge Milestone – 1.1 Million Customers in Nigeria

A Huge Milestone – 1.1 Million Customers in Nigeria

Huge milestone: 1.1 million customers with billions of naira being processed monthly. I am yet to ring a bell in New York, London or Lagos on that special occasion, but I am feeling it now. A group of extremely young people made me very happy today: they hit a milestone, exceeding 1 million customers in Nigeria.

We will be hiring to deepen this business and I am looking for an operator with experience on strategic partnerships. We have a winning One Oasis but we want to use Double Plays to capture more values. If you are not initiated, read this my article in Harvard Business Review to understand the One Oasis playbook.

The founders are very young, about 25 years, but they are wickedly brilliant. They are restless to outperform and do not offer excuses.

We’ve dropped the next target and we need to offer support to make it happen. Will be looking for great operators to join the team. 


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