A Simple Experiment in The Guardian

A Simple Experiment in The Guardian

It is working – the HR Directors are reaching out to us. Yes, we wanted to make Tekedia Mini-MBA to transcend the online world to the meatspace where corporate customers can come at scale. We looked at the options, and decided to buy adverts in PRINT Guardian newspaper for 12 weeks. They run on Fridays and Mondays with one mission: see Tekedia Mini-MBA logo, and get used to it for your workers.

Innovate, Grow & Drive transformation. Capture emerging opportunities, and digitally evolve your business or job, turning disruption into a competitive advantage. Master the concepts of building category-king companies, and advance.

Tekedia Mini-MBA Edition 5 (June 7 – Sept 1, 2021) Opens Registration: Self-paced, Online, 12 weeks, $140 or ?50,000.  

Simply, if the HR Directors see the print logo, the propensity for them to take action for our digital-native school would improve. Since we started running the adverts, many are writing. Yes, atoms work.

Good People, do not neglect the offline space even as you sojourn in the digital space. More people will create wealth offline in Africa than online this year. Yes, you need to be relevant today even as you plot to pivot for tomorrow.

Have an offline strategy even as you run your online one for Africa; rich people in that continent are yet to come online!


1. Advance your career with Tekedia Mini-MBA (Sept 13 – Dec 6, 2021): 140 global faculty, online, self-paced, $140 (or N50,000 naira). Click and register here.

2. Click to join Tekedia Capital Syndicate and own a piece of Africa’s finest startups with a minimum of $10,000 investment.

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