Accounting Engineers – Out Monday

Accounting Engineers – Out Monday

One of my Abuja clients is scaling across Africa. The firm, in financial services, will need a Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and Head, Human Resources.  The request came to our practice few days ago and team is finalizing the elements. By Monday, the application link will go live.

For those in the community looking for job, this could be a good one. Update your profile and resume. Besides, there are some entry level jobs (full time) in business development and marketing.

For the CFO, we would be looking for accountants with demonstrated capabilities in understanding the elemental components of commerce that can affect forex. My client has currency exposure via international trade especially in Asia.

How can a decision made today help you save money in six months? This is not going to be a bookkeeping job! We want accounting engineers with awareness of political economy and international market dynamics which move currency at scale. If you cannot model the future and create it, it is evident you cannot predict it. That is why I prefer Accounting Engineers: people that can predict the future of firms by financially modeling and creating that future.

We hope many will be interested.


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