Acer beTouch E110 Review – An Affordable And Friendly Mobile Phone

In a word or two

The Acer beTouch E110 is an affordable and friendly mobile phone.


The Design

The look of the Acer beTouch E110 reflects its user friendliness. The screen measures 2.8 inches and beneath it sits the 5-way navigation key for easily finding your way to the feature you want. There are three different virtual keyboards onboard the phone, ranging from a compact version to a full QWERTY. This enables you to text a quick message when you’re in a hurry or launch the full keyboard when you have more to say. The predictive text option speeds up the process and lets you type more quickly.


The touchscreen is resistive like on the HTC Tattoo, so there is no support for multi-touch. This means you need to apply a little more pressure for your requests to register but the screen is still responsive and you can always use the stylus for those smaller web links. The positive aspect of having a phone like the E110 with a resistive screen is that you are unlikely to make any wrong presses or mistakenly launch an app by brushing the handset – which is easily done on phones like the iPhone 3G S or the LG KF900 Prada which have capacitive screens.


You can choose between black and dark blue for the exterior of the Acer beTouch E110, the two colours in keeping with the simplicity of the mobile phone. The phone is fairly compact and light (105g) so you can pop it in your pocket or handbag when you are on the move.


Acer beTouch E110 Specifications

The most affordable of the handsets recently launched by Acer – including the beTouch E400, neoTouch P300 and neoTouch P400 – the Acer beTouch E110 still houses a number of features to ensure your mobile experience is a good one.


The Acer beTouch E110 runs on the Android 1.5 platform with Acer’s UI on top. This allows for customisable home screens so you can arrange the apps in order of importance, always having the apps you frequently use within range. There are nice touches in the interface too, for example when you bring up the main menu, the background blurs.


For fun, Acer has installed several apps on the Acer beTouch E110. These include Acer Spinlets for streaming music and sharing with friends on social networking sites – which you can access quickly via the Facebook and Twitter apps. You can even create your virtual lookalike profile using Acer UrFooz, to share with friends.


Other sharable items include snaps taken on the phone’s 3-megapixel camera. And if you don’t feel like sharing online, you can always use Bluetooth instead. Or, if you don’t want to share at all, you can tune into the FM radio and listen on your headphones via the 3.5mm audio jack.



The web browser is friendly and you can search just by tapping the address bar, but it is a shame there is no Wi-Fi to complement the 3G support.



The Acer beTouch E110 is an affordable phone which is easy to use and houses social networking ability as well as GPS, a camera and music player.


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