ActivSpaces Is Cameroon’s Innovation Hub – Similar To Kenyan iHub

ActivSpaces is a physical environment that combines the attributes of a shared office, business incubator, classroom, dynamic public space and a members club. If you need a place to work, a place to meet, a place to call your own and interact with interesting and inspiring people, then ActivSpaces is for you.  It is a vibrant community of entrepreneurs and innovators who benefit by learning from one another.


This community  also brings  together designers, software developers, artists, entrepreneurs, journalists, community leaders, freelancers and more.  ActivSpaces is an open collaboration space, innovation hub and startup incubator for African techies. Based in Buea, Cameroon, it is expanding daily.


Membership is available at no cost. You have the option of full-time, part-time or occasional access to the space, depending on your needs. The only requirement for membership is that applicants have an active project in the works. New members are selected by pitching their ideas to the group. The community then decides to grant access based on the strength and potential of an individual’s idea. Thereafter, members must be able to demonstrate progress on their work. The goal here is to keep the energy and participation at a high level.


photo credit/activspcaes

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