Address Economic Challenges with Strict Measures for Coronavirus Containment

Address Economic Challenges with Strict Measures for Coronavirus Containment

As Lagos State Government continues taking bold steps and decisions and containment of Coronavirus outbreak, Nigerians have advised the state government to urgently consider palliative measures for the downtrodden residents and others who are experiencing varied difficulties as markets are shut down and social gatherings are limited. 

This emerged from the feelings and views analysed by Knowcovid-19 Nigeria that trailed the state’s governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu’s announcement in a televised briefing after the State’s Security Council meeting held recently that non-essential markets should be closed, while social gatherings should be limited across the state. According to the governor, the restrictive measures were imperative considering the rising number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in the state. 

Analysis further shows that over 28% of 46 views that trailed the government’s measure believe that the step would be severe on the masses because of the current economic challenges in the country. Therefore, there is a need to provide palliative measures for the people. From the analysis, we learnt that a significant number of the views want the government to incentivise the workers at this critical period. 

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“Mr. Governor the preventive measures are absolutely in order, but more palliative care to mostly the downtrodden in the state should be carefully looked into and addressed due to these unexpected inconveniences. Lagosians in the majority are paupers who feed from hand to mouth literally and therefore need government assistance to cushion the effects in the time being,” one of the followers of the State Government’s Facebook Official Page said.

Apart from understanding the critical issues the public wants the government to address, our analysts further examine the attitude of the people towards the measures within emotions. We discovered that over 50% (out of 610 volume of emotions) were not happy about the decision. Despite this, some believe that such a decision must be taken if truly Nigeria and Nigerians want to stop the spread of the disease. To have meaningful results from contact tracing strategy being used by the stakeholders, one person suggests publication of the names of the people being tracked “so people can identify them.” “It could be your neighbour. There is no time,” the person stressed. 

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