Advisory Services on Microelectronics and Mobility Labs Setups

Fasmicro understands that the future of business will be mobile. Accordingly, we have started helping African schools (universities, polytechnics, etc) to modernize their curricula. Mobile is going to be huge and every educational institution must prepare its students to understand the environment and develop applications (Apps) on it. These Apps could range from educational contents to mobile-based hospital records.  We focus on two major areas: Mobile Computing and Microelectronics.
Mobile Computing: We do the following

–          We develop courses for graduate and undergraduate level programs. We take into considerations your present courses.

–          We help to setup the programming environment (most of the tools are free)

–          We supply the Tablets which will be used in practicals – we supply our  Tablet (for more about Nigeria’s Tablet, click here )

–          We provide Free 50 e-books on engineering, courtesy of our US partner

–          We train your staff to run the programs


You can setup a lab with less than USD 10,000.00 (excluding training). We require that GSM network service must be present in the lab. So location is very important. The cost for training depends on how much depth you want from us. It ranges from a day to weeks, based on the programming skills of your staff. If they are good programmers, teaching them Android, the environment we recommend will be a lot easier.


Microelectronics: We do exactly the same above, except that the cost of the lab is much more expensive. For more information on setting up a microelectronics lab, please contact [email protected] for a full proposal.

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