Fasmicro Android Apps Competition – Three Top Winners, Each Gets One Ovim Tablet

July 03, 2011, Lagos, Nigeria: Fasmicro is very happy to announce the opening of Fasmicro Android Apps Competition. Two things: a store that any developer can sell Apps and a competition that anyone can participate within the Ovim tablet environment.  Not interested in the competition but wants to partner with us to monetize your Apps, bring it on!


As we noted in statements during the unveiling of Ovim Tablet, we are into application and solution space business, and not necessarily hardware sale. Ovim will drive new services in Africa, beginning from Nigeria, and will simplify the lives of citizens and corporate entities.


Accordingly, Fasmicro AppStore is live and doing well with apps from Japan and more coming from other nations.  Interswitch is being worked upon and soon the paid apps will be available there. We have to take this strategy since Google Android Market does not allow paid Apps in Nigeria. Build a great app, we help you sell it.


We have a strong Android App Engineering team and are ready to lead in this segment in Nigeria.

We are seeking for Apps to be part of Fasmicro AppStore. Individuals and companies are requested to develop and send us Apps to us. We do not require exclusivity. You can  use your apps in other environments or platforms.


Prizes: Best three apps each gets one new Ovim tablet and automatic qualification to Fasmicro Apps Store.


Submission Deadline is Sept 20, 2011. If you cannot meet this deadline; there is no problem. Just send your Apps for consideration in our store when you are done.


Submission Locations:  Just email [email protected] when you are ready


We will have digital counters to transparently account for sales so that developers will be paid accurately. You can submit Apps directly without going through the competition and we will evaluate it.


Competition is open to any person, but the law will be governed by Nigerian law and all payments will be made within the Nigerian banking system. If you contribute from outside Nigeria, be prepared to open a bank account in Nigeria.



Apps Suggested Areas

Below are suggested areas we are seeking entries and solutions, in Core, Basic and Segment Apps categories. These are not all, but just to get you thinking. Be innovative and think outside the box.

Inventory Management: Think how traders, spare parts dealers, Tokunbo car sellers, will use Ovim to improve their businesses

Fixed Asset Management: Can you find a better way to help keep company assets in order?

Small Business Management: Think how that tailor, hairdresser, mechanic, etc will use Ovim to manage his/her business

Mining, Exploration and Distribution: We still think the oil truck drivers in Nigeria can get a lot of help if we can help them manage many things they do. The same goes to the energy companies and their logistics.

Retail Management: What of the supermarkets, boutiques, etc? Can we help them take their store “home”? They can tell right from home, how the sales are going, from Ovim.

Real Estate Management: Can we put that real estate across Nigeria on the palms of the experts. Find ways that will make it easy for real estate professionals to do business with your App.

Construction Management: we want them to schedule on the go and manage their businesses easily

Air Travel, Bus Travel: I hope you agree that we can simplify air travel in Nigeria. The same applies to all those luxuries buses. Find Apps that will focus on those airlines, Chisco buses, AKTC buses, etc and let us simplify transportation in Nigeria.

JAMB: Let us have Apps to capture all Jamb questions and answers. Do not worry; we will work with you to get the necessary agreement with JAMB

Mobile Payment: mpesa, etc. We need Nigerian content mobile and e-payment system

Worship: Give us an App for prayer houses in Nigeria, across all cities. You enter Ibadan and want to Worship in Deeper Life the next morning, can this App provide answers? Can you help religious groups organize their writings, and videos?

Personal Organizer: You want your life organized in Nigeria? Eating joints in Ibadan? Sokoto? Aba? Dating? Keeping tabs with friends and family? Bring it on.

FOREX Traders: I hope you know the Forex traders need better tools than calculators and constant worries of not getting real-time currency data (Source: http://forextrading.company/forex-brokers). Those gadgets that Forex traders at Ikeja, Ikoyi, Abuja, Aba, etc carry are obsolete. Build an App and let us change the industry.

Nigerian Stock Exchange: We need to provide Nigerian Stock prices in a way that any investor can have access to all the stocks in time. A database and we can stream stock prices to customers via the App. When the NSE gets it system ready,  real-time stock prices will follow.



Terms and Conditions

–          Our decisions on the competition is final and Apps must be original works of the submitters. We also have rights to modify the terms and conditions.

Ovim is a product of fasmicro and microscale

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