Ovim Powers Electronics Medical Records (EMR) Systems – Let The Experts Help You

Introduction:  Fasmicro  is now helping clinics and hospitals on their electronic medical rercords (EMR).


While customers can buy Ovim for any use, we are poised to build special Apps with the Nigeria market in mind.  Ovim has been successfully on Electronics Medical Records (EMR) systems. We are ready to provide health practitioners with the patient information needed to improve decision-making before, during, and after care. With data, our health professionals could save more lives, across the country. Ovim makes it possible for on the go mobile healthcare delivery.


Electronic Medical Record (EMR) is a computer-based medical record created in an institution that delivers care, such as a hospital and doctor’s surgery. Electronic medical records tend to be a part of a local stand-alone health information system that allows storage, retrieval and modification of records (Wikipedia).


Test: We have tested Ovim on a number of EMR systems and found it optimized to support doctors and nurses working in the field. Figure is a photo of data acquired from the EMR system.


Ovim in action on EMR


Our EMR services: As part of our grand vision to use technology and invent a new Africa, Fasmicro and is  providing the following services:

  1. We      supply Ovim – Nigeria’s Tablet
  2. We      develop EMR database for clients. We can host the server, in USA, and take      away the electricity problem. We guarantee 99.99% uptime for the server.
  3. We      install, setup, and customize the EMR systems to work with Ovim – Nigeria’s      Tablet. This will include the software and hardware.
  4. Our      engineers will provide technical support 24/7 to our clients


Potential Clients: We are looking for government hospitals (local, state, federal) and private hospitals to work with us and improve healthcare delivery in Nigeria.



Fasmicro Ltd /[email protected]

Website: www.fasmicro.com

Ovim is a product of Fasmicro and Microscale

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