Africa Business Confidence Index – Africa Moves Away From Manufacturing For Services

Once a continent far behind, Africa has been showing high economic growth rates and sustainable development for more than a decade. Traditionally many international companies have had little or no operations on the continent.


With an accelerating economy, a population of over 1 billion people and a fast expanding middle class, many companies see Africa as the last frontier. Africa Business Communities is servicing companies and organisations operating on the continent.


The social networks of Africa Business Communities are connecting over 100,000 business professionals worldwide with an interest in the continent.


In January 2011 we have launched the Africa Business Confidence Index – being the only research institute worldwide publishing the pan-African economical sentiment. For clients we have monthly indexes available per country and sector.


Purchasing Managers Indices are rapidly becoming the most prominent economic data releases internationally, as a reliable gauge and early indicator of the underlying economic activity. The Africa Business Confidence Index (ABCI) follows the logic and methodology of the PMI confidence indices.


In addition to the index we publish a monthly survey focussing on different aspects of the African economy. Learn here about our latest research:


International investors choose South Africa, Nigeria and Kenya as the best African countries on the continent for investment in 2011


For clients – companies, governments, NGO’s – Africa Business Communities conducts research in all African countries.


Nevertheless, it is important to note that Africa is moving away from manufacturing to services as the plot above shows. With all the mobile and ICT growth, more plans and factories will be expected to close in Africa as businesses push towards services.

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