New Book – We Accepted 29 Chapters From 56 Authors Spread Across 15 Countries

Our new book with UK professor is making great progress. We accepted  29 chapters from 15 countries and 56 individuals.

This project will assemble an edited collection of chapters on disruptive technologies, innovation, and the overall global redesign. The main objective of the book is to provide comprehensive evidence of research, case studies, practical and theoretical papers on the issues surrounding disruptive technologies, innovation, global redesign and their implications. The book will serve as a valuable resource on emerging and disruptive technologies, innovation and general global redesign.


The brief breakdown of the contributors (locations of single or joint authors) is as follows:


We got  5 papers from UK, 2 from Canada.  USA was the largest at 11. Georgia Republic gave us 2 while The Netherlands provided 3. India provided 1 with China giving us 2. Nigeria did well at 6 as Taiwan represented itself with 1. Italy brought 2 and Bangladesh 1. Morocco, South Africa, Mauritius, and Austria completed the list.



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