African Agriculture – What The Future Holds

African Agriculture –  What The Future Holds

It’s impossible to talk about the African economic landscape without having to mention Agriculture. Agriculture is the major source of income in Africa. According to the African Development Bank’s Report, agriculture is the highest employer of labour in Africa. Yes, 7 out of every 10 people working in the rural areas (which constitute almost half of the population) are directly or indirectly involved in agriculture. Thus, it’s not difficult to identify why it is practically impossible to transform the local economy without a major transformation in the agricultural sector.

As an agribusiness expert, I’ve been asked several times of the opportunities that are in this sector for the elites. The answer is always simple; if you must make a fortune through agriculture, you will have to look beyond now. You need to understand the trend and try to forecast what will happen to the sector in the next five to ten years, and even 50.

While I may not be able to tell you all the changes that will take place in the African food system, I can authoritatively say that the future of agriculture in Africa is not going to be cutlass and hoe. That era is fast fading away. We are in the era of information, and knowledge is going to play a pivotal role in this critical sector.

It’s good to own lands, tractors, irrigation system and all the inputs, but if you do not have the right knowledge, you will not make much impact on agriculture in the nearest future.

I’m not only referring to the technical knowledge of how to farm, harvest or add value. As good as these are, if that’s all you’ve got, you are also going to be at the losing end.

The knowledge that will put you ahead of the competition in agriculture is what I refer to as the “Integrated Knowledge”. It cuts across farm and inventory management, people and financial management, marketing distribution and logistics through low tech knowledge like web designing and software development to high tech knowledge such as blockchain technology, artificial intelligence, machine learning, big data, etc.

In the nearest future, you don’t have to get your hands dirty on the soil to reap the benefit of the Agricultural revolution.

Access to sufficient food is everyone’s responsibility; irrespective of our career and expertise. If you can think outside the box, you will definitely have a place to make a significant contribution.

A massive revolution in African agriculture is budding and it is going to be driven by knowledge. The earlier you build your capacity to take advantage of the redesign, the better you will be positioned. 

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