African Diasporas Starting Businesses at Home, Connect for Support

African Diasporas Starting Businesses at Home, Connect for Support

If you are an African Diaspora living or working anywhere on earth, and planning to start a business or even invest at home, and somehow not sure how to begin, we will like to help. My colleague, Mr. Gbenga Bamiji, FCA, a Director in our business, will be happy to speak with you.

Mr. Bamiji is a Fellow of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria and leads our Diasporas Kickstart unit which helps us work with diasporas to establish ventures at home. We begin that process from a phone call, through a roadmap, to product launch. Where a technology needs to be built, our engineers will build the portals, releasing the IPs to you, and making sure you get started. More so, we provide supports on those early contacts. You will get access to a team member that will guide you, on hiring, etc.

As we do that, we stay invisible to help you take your moments.

Diasporas Kickstart does not raise fund for people; we focus on diasporas with some money looking for opportunities back home. Most times, you already have ideas; our job is to make those happen. If interested, Mr. Bamiji will like to speak with you. Of course, I am here and will be happy to understand the friction you want to address in the beautiful continent. We understand this continent at deeper level, and will be your partner, if you choose to work with us. Our capabilities cut across many domains. We are Africa-enabled.

Contact our team if interested. At Fasmicro Group, we are ethically built and your proprietary data are safe with us.


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