African Startups, IBM Watson Build is calling for business plan, competition rules enhanced

African Startups, IBM Watson Build is calling for business plan, competition rules enhanced


There is a new opportunity with IBM Watson. It is a quasi competition for IBM partners. Fasmicro Group runs a business which is a member of IBM PartnerWorld and has all the details through IBM Partner Communications.If you are one, now is the time to apply. It could be rewarding.

In 2016, IBM did something extraordinary, engaging nearly 75 percent of IBMers from 115 countries and every business unit in the IBM Cognitive Build. The Build challenged IBMers to learn about cognitive, form teams, brainstorm and propose cognitive solutions. Ultimately, some of them developed prototypes and pitched those solutions in an IBM-internal event, not unlike Shark Tank. They created 2,700 cognitive ideas and hundreds of viable prototypes, and acquired valuable new skills.

Now they want to tailor this experience for you by creating the Watson Build for Business Partners. In the challenge, you can start your cognitive business journey by learning more about cognitive solutions like Watson and the IBM Cloud platform that supports cognitive workloads. Plus, your business will benefit by learning how to use Watson to build cognition into a product or service.

Challenge yourself to deliver and along the way they’ll help you develop useful skills that can accelerate innovation and benefit your clients—such as:

  • Understanding and using IBM Watson APIs
  • Applying data sets
  • Gaining new ways of working and new tools
  • Selling your solution on IBM Marketplace

This is a challenge you don’t want to miss. If you’ve wondered where IBM Watson and IBM Bluemix can take your business, the Build is your opportunity for guided discovery. If you’ve already developed an outstanding solution, find out how to participate in the Build and see how you can be recognized as the best.


This is a new email from IBM to its PartnerWorld members.

Since announcing the IBM Watson Build at the PartnerWorld Leadership Conference in mid-February, IBM Business Partners have been busy crafting their business plans and attending local Watson Build Workshops. The energy associated with the build is extremely positive, and we’ve heard from Business Partners, like you, that you’re submitting not one business plan, but multiple plans. So, we’ve expanded and enhanced the Watson Build program to give you more time to build out your plan. Plus, we’ve added even more opportunities for you to WINLearn more about enhancements to the Build:

Now begin the journey. You need a PartnerWorld account to apply.

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