African Union – Act To Save The Famine Ravaged East Africans

This is a very short one. We do not make political commentaries here. But the famine in East Africa is reshaping Africa to the past. Things we have tried to move past and beyond. Hunger, famine, naked kids and unbelievable tragedies.


Where is the African Union? The world is beaming the searchlight showing kids that are dying. We need AU to step us and act. This is the time to stop those conferences and save money to help these kids in Kenya, Ethiopia and Somali. Please do.


If you cannot do this, then it makes no sense to have this AU. Nations must rise and help others and Africa has a duty right now to act and save these people. America is nearly bankrupt. Europe is under water. And China does not help where there are no minerals. So, you must figure out how to solve these problems and help the families.



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