Africa’s “AI-First” Challenge [SN]

Africa’s “AI-First” Challenge [SN]

This is a Short Note from my LinkedIn update.

There is a new transition in the world of digital business. Since Netscape Navigator pioneered our modern web experience, we have gone through phases which recently include responsive, (cloud-first) and mobile-internet design frameworks.

The mobile-first is matured and a new mantra is in town: “AI-first”. That means the focus of leading tech companies now is how artificial intelligence (AI) will drive everything they do. This is the battle that will decide the category winners of the utilities disguised as global tech firms. With human-like characterizes, software will be smarter and more adaptive.

From Siri to Alexa, Cortana to Bixby, you will see amalgam of platforms and productivity services running on cloud with AI at the heart of them.

Without sounding pessimistic, AI-first world cannot be leapfrogged as we say in Africa. This is mathematics and not coding. Yes, no hacking! This is a big challenge as if we cannot transition to the AI-world, we will possibly miss the emerging opportunities. From medicine to agriculture, entertainment to education, AI will create a new trajectory that will redesign commerce and industry. It will reshape how people, firms and nations conduct businesses and reconstruct the economic architectures. Now is the time for Africa to plan and take action. It needs to develop a roadmap because not doing anything will be extremely devastating.


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