Agenda for Lagos Innovation Workshop

Agenda for Lagos Innovation Workshop

We just finished a program agenda for an Innovation Workshop which we would run in Lagos in a client’s office. This workshop is relatively expensive for startups unless you have received good funding; it is designed for growing companies. I still have some available slots remaining for late September and early October.

Note: With Disruptive Africa, we have created an affordable version which you can register here. That offers a workshop, conference and award ceremony in one day. I will drive the workshop, speak in the conference and attend the award ceremony. If you can, make it on Sept 28th in Lagos.

(I blocked some contents to protect client privacy, etc).

Discovery Innovation Workshop: To innovate is to set a new basis of competition in an economy, business sector or market. Typically, it results to disruption. This workshop will focus on innovation and growth because growth is the reward of innovation. Otherwise, that innovation is actually an invention. I will be the lead instructor with my supporting crew. We can adapt this workshop to two days.

Workshop, Conference and Awards in one day

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