Fasmicro Advisory Services

At Fasmicro Group, we do not recite numbers and tell you what you already know: we deliver unparalleled insights through uncommon perspectives shaped by our experiences as entrepreneurs and advisors in the markets. Our moments are unique because things we share with clients are shaped by our direct exposures to the markets.

Fasmicro Advisory Services solutions are structured as follows:

  1. Hire Ndubuisi Ekekwe to Speak in your Event or Program: Read details here on what we offer when we come to speak in your events or programs.
  2. Discovery Innovation Presentation: This is a two-hour seminar where we will present what is happening in your market, customized for your company, and then offer insights on how you can plot your strategies to win. This goes beyond industry statistics and typical SWOT analysis. We work to help clients see their markets in new ways, providing roadmaps on how they can unlock opportunities. It is an intense talk, combining technology, finance, political economy and strategy. As technology redesigns markets, I break the implications in short, medium and long-terms.
    • Case: How can a (mall) real estate developer understand that ecommerce is a tangential threat since malls can be disrupted by digital commerce in future? My client now considers triple-play designs where malls can be converted into offices or homes, in case the moment comes.
  3. Phone Conversation: We do speak with clients on technology, business, innovation and Africa, helping them to discover deeper insights as they develop growth and expansion strategies in Africa.
  4. Discovery Innovation Workshop: This could take up to a day, but minimum of four hours is required. Besides the two-hour State of the Industry presentation, we work with clients to discover unique ways they can look at their businesses.
    • Case: We have a framework, engineered internally, that helps our clients go through the process of innovation discovery. Our synthesis is to see how technology can run and transform firms, even as we recommend business models that will survive disruptions.
  5. Development of Business Roadmap & Strategy: Your business plan is not enough to anchor your business execution. Most times you need a Roadmap Document especially if your business is in a state of flux [changing market, changing model, startup, etc]. To avoid pursuing many windy paths or dead ends, it is always good to have a roadmap. That roadmap encapsulates the path to the vision with pillars and enablers which team members can understand. Read more here.
  6. Open Innovation Event: In this engagement, we would run a mini-pitch competition within your firm as part of a process to mine ideas from your team. We understand that some of your staff members have great ideas. We would work with you to get them to share them. We will handle all aspects of the process – structuring the survey, analyzing the data, coordinating with representatives and deciding on the finalists. In a recent client engagement, 45 staff members of the client (out of 420 that submitted ideas) pitched ideas to judges (from IT, Strategy and Executive Management office). At the end, 5 of those ideas became products.
  7. Advisory Services: Most times, after our presentations and workshops, clients usually engage us for Advisory Services. This is totally decoupled from the first two. In other words, you can engage us for either the presentation or workshop without the advisory services. Yet, we always welcome the moments when clients ask us to come and lead the implementation. Because we are already practitioners, making things happen is always the most exciting part of our works.

Our services cover all industries, and we operate at the highest ethical level. .

If interested, email tekedia@fasmicro.com. Our cost is industry-competitive.