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Agro-Startups With Mini Processing Capacities Have Promises In Nigeria

Agro-Startups With Mini Processing Capacities Have Promises In Nigeria

Good People, the data looks great: agro-allied and agro-processing companies in Nigeria have promises. Indeed when no one can find US dollars to import food items, and We The People must still eat, the local products will have moments.  Okomu Oil has moved from N171 per share to N250 per unit. Did you see that N12 dividend? Presco has doubled in less than a year, also paying a solid dividend.

The recent agro-startup we have invested in has shown remarkable growth, and Tekedia Capital is going big in one of the finest agro-startups in Nigeria right now. That will lead our next investment cycle which begins late next month. A Swiss agro-giant wanted to acquire this business because they’re pretty amazing. Good People, this is a moment for agro in Nigeria, and young people should get into it.

With cosmetics, makeup, etc becoming a norm in the beauty space, palm oil is the new gold. You cannot produce enough palm oil these days because everyone needs it to create makeups. Egg is now finding new applications and meshing it is a huge market. Tekedia Capital stands with farmers, agro-allied startups, and we have capital to support real builders. What are you building? See what we offer at  https://capital.tekedia.com/

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  1. You are very correct prof. Where Can i get high yielding palm tree seedling for planting, like the one displayed on the picture.
    It is another money spinning venture our youth are neglecting.

  2. Hi,
    I was encouraging my college son and his friends to find a crowd funding platform to invest for a long haul with a possibility of dividend pay out. Do tekedia do that? Is $1000 for membership registration only?
    Thank you.

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