Zenvus – enabling African “motor for development”

Zenvus – enabling African “motor for development”

The Berlin Institute for Population and Development, a non-profit research institute on population and development,  has recognized Zenvus as an innovator that can “transform” the African agriculture sector, and make it a “motor for development”.

The Berlin Institute for Population and Development is an independent think tank dealing with issues of regional and global demographic change. Founded in 2000 as a charitable foundation, the institute’s mission is to raise awareness of demographic change, promote sustainable development, bring new ideas to policy, and develop concepts to tackle demographic and development issues.

The Berlin Institute prepares studies, discussion papers and background papers, prepares scientific information for the political decision-making process and runs an online handbook on the topic of the population.

They have picked Zenvus as a case study, modelling how technology can enable the evolution of the new African economic systems.  Zenvus works exclusively with cooperatives and governments and brings intelligence to agriculture through the mix of computational algorithms, electronics, market systems, and agronomy.


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