AI – Business Growth and Disruptive Innovation

AI – Business Growth and Disruptive Innovation

She is an IT leader in one of the nation’s leading reinsurance corporations. And because IT does not just run modern organizations but also transform them, she is an agent of business transformation. On Monday, Toyin will lead us into the mechanics of business growth and disruptive innovation via artificial intelligence. I just finished watching the amazing videos. As a professional in this fledgling industry, members will see the stakes here and the reason why we cannot just relax; AI will change the ordinances in markets and as Toyin noted, being AI-ready is the future. It goes live 12 noon Lagos time, on Monday at the Tekedia Mini-MBA digital board.


Digital Board for Tekedia Mini-MBA (Registered Members Area)


Register for next edition of Tekedia Mini-MBA (June 22 - Oct 22, 2020) here. Four months, online, and costs $140 or N50,000 naira .

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