#AimHigher – Move Upstream.

#AimHigher – Move Upstream.

Disruption requires creating a new basis (in a competition), usually parallel to any existing paradigm. If you are a typist that uses a typewriter, and your job feels at risk, improving your typing speed from 50 to 70 words per minute will not help you. Yes, you must disrupt your career in order to thrive tomorrow. That elevation can come via mastering Microsoft Word. Many did just that two decades ago, and were able to keep their domains across markets.

If you are an IT worker  and your job seems so common that everyone can do it, now is the time to disrupt that career. A decade ago, it was common to need help to get a new laptop going. Today, they have designed most digital systems that manuals are not evidently necessary. 

The message is this: go for something higher – move upstream and be separated from many. Create a new basis, acquire and accumulate new capabilities, and unlock new opportunities.

#AimHigher – Move Upstream.


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2 thoughts on “#AimHigher – Move Upstream.

  1. Things are practicable in two ways: it is easy to do them, or it is possible to do them; no other way. Majority of the people go for the first option, while the latter is often flagged as unrealistic or impossible.

    If you only do what anyone else can easily do, it means that you must offer new reason everyday, on why you should be contacted, and not anyone else.

    There will always be over supply on the downstream, the easy stuff, because there’s little or no entry barrier; leading to destruction of value overtime.

    Of course to play upstream requires massive intellectual capital most times, in addition to other external demands, and it’s not meant to be easy, else children will make it their playgrounds too.


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