Airtel Customers To Get More As Big Family Gets Bigger Features

Customers of leading telecommunications service provider, Airtel in Nigeria will have an opportunity to enjoy additional benefits from today on one of the company’s most pocket friendly packages, Airtel Big Family, with the announcement of the introduction of an enriched offer: Airtel Big Family Xtra


·        Free on-net mid-night calls between 12.30am and 4.30am daily and 40 free On-net SMS (s) and free data worth 4MB between 12.30am and 4.30am

·        Calls to one Airtel number at 10 K/sec all day long

·        Easy migration to enjoy benefits by Dialling *447#


In addition to 15 Kobo per Second (15K/Sec) on net tariff that is available on the Airtel Big Family package, customers will have the benefit of making free on-net mid-night calls daily; they will get 40 free SMS (s) and receive free data worth 4MB between 12.30am and 4.30am. Customers on the package are required to make one minute of local call between 8am and 12midnight to enjoy the free midnight calls, SMS and data offer.


According to Airtel Nigeria’s Chief Operating Officer and Executive Director, Deepak Srivastava, the Airtel Big Family Xtra offer will continue to  give Airtel customers the unique benefits of making calls to all on-net numbers at 15kobo per second and 30 Kobo per second to other networks after the first minute call of the day at 60 Kobo per second.

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Additionally, customers can call one Airtel number of their choice at 10 Kobo per second all day long .


Customers on Airtel Big Family extra will also continue to enjoy very attractive International call rates: with Calls to USA, Canada, United Kingdom (landline), China and India billed at 20 Kobo per second after the first minute of the day call to any of these five international destinations at 60k/second.


Srivastava explained that the enhancement of the Big Family package is another eloquent expression of Airtel’s determination to give Nigerians a genuinely innovative, affordable, and significantly value-rich tariff offer that suits their business, family and social needs.


He added that the Airtel Big Family Xtra has been largely enriched with additional features by the company to further empower more people, including youth and the young at heart across the country to communicate freely particularly at mid night and other time of the day.


To enjoy the benefits, customers are required to migrate to Airtel Big Family by dialling *447# from an Airtel line. Non Airtel customers can enjoy the offer by purchasing and registering new Airtel SIM card at any of the designated locations throughout the country and by dialling *447# afterwards.


There is no restriction to the number of Airtel lines that customers on the Big Family package can call at the prevailing rate of 15 Kobo per second for On-net numbers and 30 Kobo per second for calls to other networks after the first minute call of the day at 60 Kobo per second. Also, customers can call any Airtel line as many times as possible at the stated rates any day.

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