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New HTC Eternity Windows Phone 7 Leaked – Available In 3Q2011

HTC has been attracting a lot of attention lately with its Sensation and EVO 3D Android smartphones. HTC is one of the companies that has always been keen to back Windows phones but this seemed to have been put on the back burner in 2011 with all of this year’s HTC releases being Android devices. Now details are emerging of a new Windows Phone 7 handset that could add a new lease on life into Microsoft‘s mobile operating system.


The HTC Eternity is the first Windows phone from HTC since last year’s batch that included the likes of the Mozart and HD7. Although these were interesting phones when they saw release at the end of 2010 the mobile industry has leaped forward quite a bit with the development of dual core processors. Sadly it seems that the Eternity will not be getting the dual core treatment being lumbered with just a 1.5GHz chip.


Still, the Eternity is attracting a lot of attention for its larger screen – rumoured to measure in at 4.7?. Certainly larger phones like the HD7 were great for enjoying video and Xbox LIVE and this could be one of the main attractions of the Eternity. The 4.7? screen is likely to be Super LCD and comes with a WVGA resolution, as this is currently the max setting for WP7.

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It also appears the Eternity will feature an 8 megapixel camera, and 720p video recording. A 1.3MP front facing camera will also be included, along with DLNA Wi-Fi and 3G. Like the earlier WP7 phones the Eternity will come with 16GB internal storage but no SD card slot.


When Windows Phone 7 was first released HTC were one of the companies who produced a few handsets to put it to use. Since then there have not been any new Windows phones with most companies, HTC included, focusing almost entirely on Android. It will still be some time before Nokia gets into the Microsoft swing and even then there is not much hope of the Finnish company offering anything truly breath-taking. So it seems that for the foreseeable future the HTC Eternity will be the most interesting phone on the horizon for Windows Phone 7 fans.


The Eternity will be available from Best Mobile Contracts when it is released, probably in Q3 2011.


What do you think of the massive device from HTC?  Something you’ll consider purchasing?  Why/why not?

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