Akamu to America: Ovim can supply with CBN support as America looks for baby food

Akamu to America: Ovim can supply with CBN support as America looks for baby food

In America, baby food has become a “war”-like matter. Yes, “President Joe Biden announced on Wednesday that his administration would be taking new actions to attempt to alleviate ongoing infant formula shortages in the United States, including invoking the Defense Production Act. The President is invoking the act — which allows the government more control over industrial production during emergencies — to direct suppliers of formula ingredients to prioritize delivery to the manufacturers of formula.”

Typically, you do that during warfare or uncommon events like Covid-19 pandemic (making ventilators). But finding baby food now in America is like war and Mr. President has responded. With this, the government can direct what a private company should focus on. And the big one – US will be sending Defense Department planes to buy and  import formula from abroad.

America: we have akamu in Ovim, Abia State. We can offer discounts. That is baby food! Akamu to America: more forex for the Nigerian people; go for it. CBN – did you copy me? Fund the production of akamu as US needs baby food, urgently.

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Biden also wrote in a letter to Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack and HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra on Wednesday that he was requesting they both “work expeditiously to identify any and all avenues to speed the importation of safe infant formula into the United States and onto store shelves.”
“I further request that over the next week you work with the Department of Defense to utilize contracted aircraft to accelerate the arrival of infant formula into the United States that meets our Government’s health and safety standards. This will ensure that we are using every available tool to get American families swift access to the infant formula they need,” he continued.
The Biden administration has faced growing questions and criticism for a national formula shortage that has anxious and angry parents hopping from store to store in search of baby food.
Wednesday’s announcement follows other steps the administration has taken over the last week to address concerns about a months-long formula shortage, which has worsened as a result of supply chain issues and the extended closure of a major formula plant in Michigan.

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2 thoughts on “Akamu to America: Ovim can supply with CBN support as America looks for baby food

  1. The US is a nation of abundance, so any form of scarcity is treated like war or existential threat. In our own case here, we are very much used to scarcity, so we have to still learn how to be comfortable with abundance.

    Even the akamu you are asking them to come for, if they send one aircraft here, you will start searching for where to get enough akamu that could fill the aircraft, it’s not guaranteed.

    Different people, different problems.

  2. Uchenna kesiena-Arueya · Edit

    We can make it happen. I head a pap production company.

    We make hygienically pap in frozen food and we are NAFDAC certified.


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