Amazing Nigerian Shoppers – Practical Feedbacks On TAP Receipted Cash Payments

Amazing Nigerian Shoppers – Practical Feedbacks On TAP Receipted Cash Payments

Small shops which are using TAP (Touch and Pay Technologies) technology to collect payments, removing the paralysis of revenue leakage from unscrupulous workers are getting all supports from their fellow citizens. TAP, among others, makes it possible to provide electronically generated receipts on cash transactions. It turns out that Nigerian shoppers are extremely committed to see that shops thrive and do well.

So, all your comments on the videos like “What if your salesperson chooses not to use the device?”, “What if the salesgirl refuses to issue receipts”, etc are well taken care of.  Our recommendation remains: put this note [many variants] on the wall of your store so that customers can see it as they pay:

“Insist on a receipt; otherwise ask for your money back”.

‘If you do not get a receipt, it means this service is free”

“If the associate does not give receipt, demand one”

“Where no receipt is given, this service is unpaid”

As customers see these notes, many do ask for receipts. We see Nigerians demanding for receipts knowing that is how they support the shop owners. We estimate more than 95% compliance especially when the customers can read.

If you do not have TAP solution, it is time to stop revenue leakage and get one. Yes, that your auntie’s restaurant or salon may be leaking revenue, get TAP device as your support to her!


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