America’s Next Greatest Challenge Will Be Emigration After Debt Ceiling

Point: Emigration will become a major challenge for US in the next 25 years if China continues to advance.


Lessons to Africa: While US is troubled on immigration today, in 25 years, the problem will be preventing  talented people from leaving. A redesign of the global economy by China will make this possible. After all, in the last ten centuries, China has lead at least six. Africa must understand this future and begin to develop strong and though-out ties with China. This is a Chinese century.


Tekedia proposes immediate and strategic introduction of Mandarin in selected primary and high schools in Africa. We must get ready as no one can stop the Chinese.  Though technology will eliminate the barrier of languages since in the next ten years, language interpreters will be ubiquitous on cellphone that language will matter less in international business, yet, we need to understand the Chinese culture.


In my Geography class in Nigeria, I knew so much about Chicago than Lagos. Why? The West African Examination Council recommended textbook: Physical and Human Geography by Che Leong???(forgotten his name) has no African content. It was so strange that no African geographer could write a book WAEC could use instead of teaching us American geography when I had no clues about Africa. All the major examples in this book came from US.


It could turn out this is the time to start recommending Chinese books in African schools. We need to know their culture and geography because they will rule this century. It is simply so because why America is worried over weeks to increase the debt ceiling so that they can borrow more, Africa is paying cash for mines, lands and buying all over the world. How things change! The truth is this: if the Greek will invite China to their crises, China will take over all their national treasures and bail them. The problem is that they have none  of value these days.


This is a short strategic point and we want to get this message out. African Union must call a congress on African ties with China and must start that process of helping member nations to get those ties right.

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