Amy Blaschka – A Change Might Be All You Need To Move Your Life Forward

Amy Blaschka – A Change Might Be All You Need To Move Your Life Forward

”Transitions are tough.” Amy Blaschka

Change is constant and most times, painful. You had better fall in love with it because there is absolutely nothing you can do about it.

According to a Forbes Contributor and a Published Author, Amy Blaschka, she said: ”Most of us dislike change, particularly when it’s thrust upon us unexpectedly. But even when we know it’s coming, we dread at its arrival.”

I have never seen anyone growing in the comfort zone. Even animals do have to make a change when the time comes. Remember, when the going gets tough, only the tougher ones get  going. It is called a transition.

Amy Blaschka shared the lesson she learned from a good friend.

Recently, I recalled a conversation I had with a good friend of mine who, at the time, was preparing for her daughter to leave for college. My friend had been struggling for months with the idea of her only child going away to school until she made a simple but powerful mindset shift – ’It’s not a loss, it’s a change.’

”At that moment, it dawned on me that if my friend could come around from a place of sadness, anxiety, and worry to acceptance, then perhaps we could adopt her mindset for other transitions in life and career.” Amy Blaschka

Change does not necessarily have to be negative. Let’s take a look at the eagles who has the longest life span amongst the birds. An eagle has to replace its feathers when it gets to 40 years. If it wants to live for another 30 years, then the eagle must do the unthinkable.

That is, it must go to the top of a mountain for a rebirth. The eagle can only do this if it accepts that shedding its feathers is not a loss but a change that must occur to grow and live many more years.

But before it can shed off the feathers, it has to get rid of the old bent beak because the longer the eagle lives, the beak becomes bent and weak. At that point, the beak can not even pick up its prey to feed.

The breaking of the old beak for a new one is the hardest part of the change that must occur for the eagle. This is what makes it hard, the eagle has to fly to the top of a mountain and hit the old beak against a rock. If the eagle thinks about the pain, then it can decide to leave the old beak. Leaving the old beak means – the eagle will starve and eventually die.

But the eagle always chooses to lose the old beak and grow a new one. Meaning, it will continue to hit the beak against a rock until it falls off. Then the eagle waits on the mountain top for many days for the beak to grow.

When the beak grows, it uses it to pluck off all the old feathers. The old and heavy feathers that have always stopped it from soaring higher. Then the eagle becomes light and sharp. Goes hunting as always and lives for 30 years.

Here’s one lesson to learn from this – change is not meant to be easy, that is why it is called change. It is getting comfortable with the uncomfortable. It wasn’t convenient for the eagle to break the beak or pluck off its feathers, but the eagle must do it to live. The eagle endured 150 days of hardship to live for 30 years.

It doesn’t matter what situation you are going through, you can not help but accept that – it has happened. So, what do I do about it?

How you respond to the situation is what determines your growth.

”Reframing a situation as a change rather than a loss means that you accept that things will be different (and possibly even okay or better).

”The one thing we know is constant is change. And the only thing we can control is how we respond to it.

”So the next time you’re faced with a transition, remind yourself that “it’s not a loss, it’s a change.” Amy Blaschka

You need to shed off the burden that has always drawn you back. Let go of it!

It could be a change of career, business, home, partner, or even friends. Life is too short to live with regrets. Remember that the change may be just what’s needed to move your life forward. I wish you success in your endeavours.

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