An Effective Way of Getting Graduates Employed in Nigeria

An Effective Way of Getting Graduates Employed in Nigeria

By Adeshina Fadeyibi, PhD

The dream of every parent is to see their children secure a paid job after completing a course of study in the higher institution of learning. However, only very few are fortunate to secure the job of their dreams. Many take jobs without personal conviction, while others may never get the jobs. This last category of graduates is the one to eventually constitutes problems for our society.

Interesting, the fact that people do not easily get jobs has not stop our universities from turning up graduates every year. Thus, the number of young people looking for jobs is increasing  with the future providing little or no hope. The best to offer is the National Youth Service which can only last one year.

Federal government social investment schemes such as the Npower have helped, but the schemes cannot provide ready jobs for everyone, and they are not sustainable. There is therefore the need for the government to think deeply on better, effective and sustainable ways of addressing this problem before it is too late.

This writer has an idea that can help address the growing unemployment in Nigeria. The broad idea is simple! Create Federal Farm in each state of the federation, and unemployment will reduce by 80%.

The highlights are worth sharing, and the writer has the following to say:

  1. Nigeria has over 60% of its total land mass uncultivated, and that is an opportunity
  2. Only a fraction of this is required by government to establish farm in every state.
  3. Farming is robust! This means it encompasses all works of life. Hence, graduates of all disciplines can be engaged to earn a living from farming.
  4. From cultivation of land to crop harvesting and processing, and from rearing of animals including birds or poultry to their processing, a lot could be done.
  5. The processing of the raw materials will also be done right on the farms. This will involve equipment design, maintenance and management. Service of experts in these disciplines (Agric Engineer, Mechanical Engr, Electrical Engr etc) can be sought.
  6. You will need the economists and the accountants to handle the area of budgeting viz a viz the income from the proceeds of farms.
  7. Services of experts in Law will be required to give legal advice.
  8. There are people who are into hide and skin business. Their services could be sought too.
  9. Whether skilled (graduate of higher institution) and unskilled (those with little or no training or formal education), everyone is important here.
  10. Here again, there is no need sweating for oil money to pay workers. There will be enough to feed the nation and to export. Government itself will make enough from the sale of the farm proceeds abroad.
  11. The list is endless!

You can imagine if government can establish this in every state! This writer is confident it will help address unemployment among our dear graduates.

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  1. Well articulated sir, i hope the governing system put this into consideration not only to reduce unemployment but to also reduce crime rate in the country.


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