An Interview with an Upcoming Artist – Kayode Oladokun

An Interview with an Upcoming Artist – Kayode Oladokun

Nigerians are not lazy. Nigerian youths are hardworking and resilient.

When President Muhammadu Buhari branded the Nigerian youths – ”lazy”, I was very disappointed to read such from the Head of State. Because these are youths out there who give their best in any situation they find themselves. They are rugged and dogged. They can survive in any weather. Even though the situation in the country is unfavourable, Nigerian youths are doing everything possible to stay afloat. They are grinding every day.

What happened in South Africa is a great example of how hardworking Nigerians are. They have gone from their fatherland to pursue a greener pasture.

Besides that, Nigerians are known to transition from one role to another. They can study, learn and master any craft. Just give them the opportunity and you will be surprised at what they will do. Nigerians are always striving hard to make themselves better.

Kayode Oladokun is a great example of a Nigerian youth giving his best to make a name for himself in the entertainment industry. The Ibadan-based upcoming artist shared his story and what led to his present career.

Here what the multi-talented artist has to say in this interview:

Can you introduce yourself to the audience?

I am Oladokun Alaba Kayode. I hail from Ibadan city. Although I was born and brought up in Lagos state, presently I reside here in Ibadan.

It’s good to have you here my brother. I have followed your work for a while now and I must commend you for your versatility. Can you tell us what inspires you everyday?

Thanks so much brother, for inviting me to your show.

In life, each and every one of us has what we are pursuing or what is pursuing us. But what inspires me is Failure and disappointment.

Failure and disappointment can always be the fuel that sparks our dreams. You are a musician and as well, a comedian, how have you been able to manage that together?

Being a comedian is something I want and really love to do, and the music aspect is just what I partially do due to some of the artists that I manage.

And if you really look into this, music and acting really work together and that’s why it is called ART.

I have watched some of your skits and I must admit that you are really a crazy comedian. What’s your relationship with the popular comedian, Woli Agba?

Woliagba is my boss and a mentor. He is also a motivator and always listen to all his people working under him. Besides, he is a very loyal person.

As per all my skit you have watched, he taught me to do that.

Being in the entertainment industry for a while now, how have you been finding it since you started?

It is not so easy but I so much believe in consistency and hard work.

Many people out there doing what I am doing but with what has been mentioned above, everything is secured!

I believe everything is secured too. Do you have a team you work with or you work alone?

I have a team I work with. There’s a saying which says, ”behind a successful man there’s a woman. And the woman in the Proverbs is my team.”

Amazing bro. How do you intend to finish this year?

I really wish to finish well, and also to be a good shot. Time will tell!

Was there at any point where you feel like taking a walk away from this your chosen profession?

Hmmm, mmmm!

Actually, there was a time but I had to think and think over it that you giving up was never an option.

Giving up is not always an option. With 2019 almost over, what should we expect from you in 2020?

I believe 2019 is not over yet. But 2020 will definitely be a year to remember. A year to stardom.

Where can the people reading this interview right now find your work?

They can find my work on INSTAGRAM with my Instagram handle @iam_alabama.

What advice do you have for the young ones who look up to you?

My advice for the young ones coming is to stay focus and not to be distracted by anyone. I believe they’re going to hit the target.

Thank you, Alabama, for your time. I wish you an outstanding success in your career.

Thanks, bro!

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