Home Community Insights An interview with Chinenye Nzom on how to become a better person after graduation

An interview with Chinenye Nzom on how to become a better person after graduation

An interview with Chinenye Nzom on how to become a better person after graduation

You don’t need to have it all to pursue your goal in life. The moment you understand your process, you have already won.

Here’s an interview with a young graduate who started her journey right as an undergraduate. She shared some useful tips on how to become a better person after graduation.

Can you introduce yourself to the audience?

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I’m Chinenye Nzom, a professional volunteer and a mental enthusiast. I am also the founder of Volunteers Hub Africa.

It is good to have you here after trailing your feed for a while now.

Wow! That’s a young founder and a female entrepreneur.

If I may ask, what is Volunteers Hub Africa all about?

Thank you!

Volunteers Hub Africa is an award winning social enterprise and volunteering organization that believes in strategic partnerships for the sustainable goals by providing Human capacity and professional volunteers to NGOs for the smooth running of their projects.

That’s quite interesting to know. What actually led you into this?

I’ve been someone who loves to help out, once I see a need for something, I love proffering solutions.

I attended a conference one-day and they called for volunteers, it was that day I knew what I was doing all along was “volunteering”.

I met with really great people because I volunteered for different social projects, and conferences, this made me have a clearer sense of my vision and purpose, I became bolder and courageous.

I grew so much because I decided to volunteer and give of my little knowledge, then I thought within myself that – if volunteering is what helps me become better, then young people should plug into it. 

This made me start the organization while I was in my final year at the University of Ibadan, the feedback have been overwhelming.

That’s what I call, selfless service. What makes it interesting, you started that as an undergraduate. How did you transition into the labour market after graduation?

Yes, I did start as an undergraduate. 

I saw an opportunity for fresh graduates who wanted to be trained in the media industry, I applied and a few weeks later, I got a mail that I’ve been chosen.

After the training, we had a test, of which I passed and I got the job in the media firm

What media company is that, and what is your role there?

Red for Africa,  I was in the Development sector (The Future Project) as a project manager.

Being a project manager and a founder, how has that being easy for you?

It’s not been easy at all because I have to travel during weekends, but I found a way to delegate to my team members at volunteers Hub Africa to do the work while I just supervise from where I am.

Chinenye, you are one of the few I respect because of your work ethic and energy. If you look into the current situation in the country, things are not just working. What advice would you give to fresh graduates out there?

The truth is, as much as we say things are not working, things are working so well for so many people. 

I would love to also say things are working for me, not because I’m living a perfect life, but because I’ve chosen to see life in a very positive light. 

One thing I’ll tell fresh graduates is to ensure they start training themselves and do everything it takes to make them not just “graduates” but people of value. 

They should take online courses, go to seminars, read books that will stretch their minds, network, volunteer!!!.

So that even if they don’t get a job immediately, they can still be of value to people which can still fetch them money. 

It’s about building your life for yourself, not just to get a job, but to live a life that is worthy and that you’ll be proud of.

Well said, Chinenye.

The first time we met, it was the City Scope Africa Boot camp. What’s your connection with John Fatanmi, City Scope Africa Co-founder?

Oh yes! 

He’s a mentor, and someone I look up to. 

I’ve been featured on his online platforms too. 

He’s been someone who inspires me to be better.

John Fatanmi is a great professional. Chinenye, can you share some of the work you have done with your organisation?

Yes, we have worked with quite a number of organizations like Coca-Cola, SheLeadsAfrica, Necci PR consults.

We have also partnered with social enterprises to carry our their charity and social projects .

Well done!

What should we expect from your organisation in the next five years?

We would have been a full-blown project management organization with luxury conference centers.

We would have partnered with the government and international bodies to carry our projects to tackle social issues.

May your dream come true, Chinenye.

Thanks for making out time to be with us on  this segment. It was great chatting with you. I wish you a wonderful new year ahead.

Thank you, Chinedu, for inviting me. I wish you the same.

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