Anamazing Workshop Is The King of Digital Animation in South Africa

The company produces a highly specialized, knowledge intensive product aimed at a clearly identified target segment, with focused plans for future growth and expansion. Under the entrepreneurial leadership of Founder and Executive Producer Isabelle Rorke, Anamazing is the only South African production house producing long-form animated content, and is recognised for its strong technical service delivery. According to leading industry figures, Anamazing’s product quality and storytelling ability is higher than some Hollywood animators.
Founding partner and creative producer Isabelle Rorke is a self-taught entrepreneur with a background in both print and broadcast journalism. Anamazing puts its goal like this:


“We produce high end 3D animated TV series and film as well as live action TV series and film. Our vision is to become the leading creators of African animation content that will have both cross-cultural appeal and successfully compete at global standards. Anamazing’s sister company, APTI (Animation Production Training Institute), pairs interns with permanent staff to develop skills through on-the-job training and production experience.”



Type of company: Animation company

Founded: 2000

Location: Johannesburg, South Africa

Startup capital: R20,000 (US$ 2,000)


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