Andela Goes Completely Remote

Andela Goes Completely Remote

Software talent outsourcing company, Andela, has  said that it has shut down all its offices and now operates remotely. The remote work idea has been on the pipeline for the company for a long time, but COVID-19 hastened its implementation.

Andela spokesperson said working remotely will help the company to fine-tune the talents in its disposal and serve its customers better.

“The reason behind this decision was that we found that our physical offices at times constrained our ability to connect talent with opportunities. By going fully remote, it opens our access to talent with diverse experiences and skill sets to support our current and future customers.”

Andela CEO Jeremy Johnson said last month the plan is materializing as the company had tested the effectiveness and ascertained that the remote work model will serve it better.

“We’ve now proven that we can operate fully remote by delivering excellent work to our customers over the past couple of months. We will continue to ensure that our engineers have the infrastructure needed to operate at a world-class level,” he said on Medium in May.

Andela said its offices around the world will be affected by the work from home model. The offices in New York, San Francisco and Austin, Texas are all included in the plan.

“The U.S. is also affected. We are closing all our physical U.S. offices and those teams are already fully remote. Andela successfully moved to all-remote when COVID-19 resulted in lockdowns in all our operating cities,” a spokesperson told TechNext.

The company said it’s selling off all physical assets and equipment as it pushes to embrace the new normal. This includes assets in Lagos, Kampala, Kigali, Nairobi, Cairo and Accra.

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