Android Vs. Windows CE – What is the Fate of Windows CE

In the embedded world, Microsoft with Windows CE has had a very dominating control over for a long time but now, winds of change are blowing. Since Google released Android for cell phones people are starting to see opportunities for it in other areas as well.


Motorola has even been working with Android and more companies are seeing Android’s potential and are looking for ways to implement it. With recently unveiled Android Open Accessory Development Kit (ADK), Android USB accessory based on the Arduino prototyping platform and an Android application that interacts with it which allows developers to build new and exciting hardware controlled by Android, Windows now has a major competitor in the embedded world.


Windows CE, an operating system ( OS), originally released in 1996 as the embedded operating system of choice is being threatened by Google’s Android. Android is evolving to become an embedded system programming platform with likes of Microchip developing on it.

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