Home Community Insights APORK Signals Bullish Trend As Polkadot and Celestia Holders Watch

APORK Signals Bullish Trend As Polkadot and Celestia Holders Watch

APORK Signals Bullish Trend As Polkadot and Celestia Holders Watch

Amidst the declining market momentum, Angry Pepe Fork is one of the top DeFi coins, signaling a bullish outlook. The new DeFi token has attracted more investors with less than a month of market activity. This has propelled holders of Polkadot and Celestia into a buying frenzy as many of them consider the token as a smart investment. With the presale just starting, there exists an ample opportunity to invest in the Solana-based meme coin tipped for 50x rallies in the coming weeks.

Despite Market Pause, Angry Pepe Fork Stays Bullish

After the decline of Polkadot and Celestia, Angry Pepe Fork is brimming with confidence, turning in bullish momentum in the past week. The project is a new vision of crushing enemies in the quest to reach the top. Angry Pepe Fork aims to defeat zombie meme coins through the actions of individuals who fought brilliantly on the battlefield.

For every individual, Angry Pepe Fork reserves the benefit of free tokens and exalted members of the community as rewards. Additionally, users can immediately stake their assets when the token is still at presale, making it one of the first DeFi crypto to allow such an arrangement. Also, the staking benefits increase as individuals beat the zombies.

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More than a week after starting the presale, APORK is selling at $0.014. Through a limited supply of 1.9 billion, APORK is the best DeFi cryptocurrency that has a good chance of rarity and constant value appreciation. To further enhance development on the platform, Angry Pepe Fork is collaborating with partners to bring in more utility features.

An early-stage introduction to a project of this magnitude is rare. People usually learn of a quality project only when it has hit the exchange. The story of Pepe in 2023 is a testament to this fact and analysts are going higher in their predictions for this token. With a 250% and 350% rise predicted for the project, APORK is a top DeFi coin investors should quickly grab.

Polkadot Coin Recent Dip – Is There a Possibility For Resurgence

After some huge bullish trends in the past, Polkadot has succumbed to the pressure of the bear market. Over the past week alone, Polkadot’s price has dropped by 11% as against the 5% dip in the past month. With this drop, the Polkadot token is now in a battle between the sellers and the buyers.

The token is settling above the $6 support level with a quest to the next resistance level looking difficult. However, the Polkadot market cap is currently gaining momentum which may kickstart a rally in the coming weeks.

Celestia Token Falls To Key Critical Support Level

Having experienced a sharp decline in the past few weeks, Celestia is struggling to beat the key support levels. The Celestia token dropped by 5% on the monthly price chart before an even bigger dip of 17% in the past week. While the Celestia trading volume appears to be moving up, its market cap has declined.

With the token unable to break all crucial support trendlines, it has had to settle at the $8 support zone. Unless the buyers put in more effort, Celestia’s price may dip further, potentially declining to $7 in the coming weeks.

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