Apple Is A $2 Trillion Company

Apple Is A $2 Trillion Company

Apple is now worth $2 trillion. That is an American history. Saudi Aramco remains the first global company to hit that mark. Of course, Apple is the first private entity in the world to reach that mountaintop.

Among its many accomplishments — the iPhone, the iPad, iTunes, the App store — Apple can now boast of one more: It is now worth more than $2 trillion, making it the first company in the United States to reach that milestone.

The iPhone maker’s stock briefly hit the $2 trillion mark Wednesday. Shares have surged almost 60% this year and are at an all-time high. Apple, currently trading at nearly $470 a share, is about to become more affordable for average investors to purchase, too.

The company’s stock will split four-for-one at the end of the month, which will cut the price of a single share to about $117. The value of Apple remains the same since the company will simply have more shares trading at a lower price.

Apple has captured a lot of values when you examine its positioning in the smiling curve. It plays at both edges of the smiling curves while partners pick the center. 


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3 thoughts on “Apple Is A $2 Trillion Company

  1. Add few extra billion dollars, and you are looking at the GDP of the entire continent of Africa; that’s the value of one American company.

    You don’t need to serve the whole world for you can become the wealthiest company, just pick your market, and you will be up there.

    Apple has taught us many things, and it continues to inspire a generation.

    1. Apple has done well to hit $2 Trillion an awesome accomplishment.

      On a side note

      @francis Ogaju

      I feel it is a wrong comparison to compare Apple’s Market Cap with the country or Continent’s GDP

      GDP is a Flow – output
      Market Cap is Stock

      I see it as a wrong narrative.

      Compare Apple’s Revenue to A country or Continent’s GDP, not the market cap


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