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Apple Vision Pro And The First-Scaler Playbook [video]

Apple Vision Pro And The First-Scaler Playbook [video]

Spatial computing. This is a new basis of competition, making others look lost in the world of VR/AR. As our learners begin a new edition of Tekedia Mini-MBA today, they would have studied one of our Week 1 courses where I noted that in consumer business, what matters is First-scaler and not just First-mover (in other words, the first to scale, not necessarily first to market, wins).

Yes, many came before Apple in music before iPod; when it came, Sony Walkman faded. When the iPhone came,Blackberry faded. When Apple Watch came, Pebble faded. And now, with Vision Pro, expect Meta Quest and others to make way!

Apple rarely pioneers a product category. But it has a great heritage of quickly learning from others, and then coming up with category-shaping products, triggering disruption at scale. Vision Pro looks cool. It will scale and just like that, Apple will own this category. Why? Most VCs will stop funding startups in this category!

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1 THOUGHT ON Apple Vision Pro And The First-Scaler Playbook [video]

  1. A Vision Pro indeed. Just look at the headset and the level of attention given to its design, this is where Apple makes other companies look too ordinary, it doesn’t just release anything out there, it has to really look pleasing.

    I am wondering what one’s head and eyes will be feeling like, after wearing this thing for two hours. A personal cinema of some sort.

    Looks cool, but obviously an expensive toy. Apple doesn’t sell hard or soft products, rather it sells experience, it’s the very best in that space.

    You have to appreciate and respect good thinking when you see one.

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