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Dogecoin(DOGE) Follows In The Step Of Bitcoin As Uwerx(WERX) Locks Team Tokens

Dogecoin(DOGE) Follows In The Step Of Bitcoin As Uwerx(WERX) Locks Team Tokens

The market has seen several exciting trends over the past few weeks, mostly around memecoins. But Dogecoin(DOGE) was never really the reason for the memecoin hype until recently when it followed in Bitcoin’s step to launch DRC-20. It has seen more volume since then; however, crypto enthusiasts rotate their gains into more promising projects like Uwerx as market excitement grows.

Uwerx has also made tremendous progress over the last few weeks and will be rounding off its Stage 4 presale soon.

Dogecoin Launches DRC-20

Following Bitcoin’s(BTC) ordinals and BRC-20 inscription shenanigans, Dogecoin(DOGE) is the next first-generation blockchain to follow suit.

The new BRC-20 mechanism allows token creation on the Dogecoin(DOGE) blockchain, and the network has experienced a significant surge in daily transaction volume.

BitInfoCharts data revealed that the network recorded over 645,000 transactions on Sunday, briefly surpassing both Bitcoin and Litecoin transactions. This spike in activity was a result of the DRC-20 token standard implementation on May 9, which enables the creation of tokens accepting Dogecoin (DOGE) as network fees. Previously, Dogecoin typically saw around 20,000 daily transactions.

This adds to the value proposition of Dogecoin and paves the way for possible blockchain-based DeFi applications. However, much like Bitcoin, DRC-20 has faced criticism from enthusiasts who believe it will clog the network and affect DOGE’s main aim of being an everyday currency.

Uwerx(WERX) Stage 4 Is Almost Over

Uwerx is a new freelance platform with huge prospects once the app hits the market. It’s a blockchain-based application looking to revolutionize the freelance industry with several unique features that provide more value to users. Uwerx has also launched its alpha version and has released the landing page of the platform. Its subsequent testing phase will allow early adopters to test the features and provide feedback on improvements the team can include towards the agile release.

The United States, India, Indonesia, Australia, and the UK are top countries with prominent freelance markets. These countries are seeing an increasing number of the labor force work as independent workers. The gig economy is projected to be worth several billions of dollars in some years. And with Uwerx building a user-focused platform via blockchain, they are at the forefront of all the new growth and value coming to the industry.

Uwerx will charge only a 1% fee on transactions occurring on the platform, compared to up to a 15% service charge from predominant platforms in the industry. Uwerx will also allow users to transact with cryptocurrency breaking the barrier of payment limitations still existent amongst users from various countries.

WERX will serve as the governance and utility token of the platform, allowing users exclusive access to additional features while they can also earn WERX rewards from activity on the platform. You can be early on WERX as it is selling at $0.041 on presale, and price predictions put the token at $2 toward the end of 2023.


Enter the presale now and get 20% extra tokens.

Presale: invest.uwerx.network

Telegram: https://t.me/uwerx_network

Twitter: https://twitter.com/uwerx_network

Website: https://www.uwerx.network

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