Apps Store Paid Apps – You Need Authentication With Device IDs

We have received many inquiries from people asking how they can submit PAID apps in the apps store. The simply fact is that counting as we noted before will not do the job. There are people that will click an app that will not finally download it. That was why we just took out the counter to avoid false impression.


What we want all developers for PAID apps is to map activation of their apps through device IDs. So, someone downloads the apps, the app will not work until he has paid. When he pays, he will be given a code based on that person’s device unique ID. That way, he cannot take the app to another device or use the code for another person. The engineers are testing this in Owerri and this seems to be fine. One app per device and app will not work until paid and activation code sent. This process does not need internet. What happens is that after the app is launched, the app will prompt the user to activate. Together with you, you will generate codes a priori for your apps and as they finish you generate more. We guarantee that you will not miss a single revenue based on our technology. The activation code is a concatenation of the ID and other numbers we will not reveal now.


To interface with the Fasmicro Apps Store through its API, you must have a valid device ID. If your phone has been rooted and/or has gone through a factory reset, it is possible for the phone’s device ID to one not recognized by the store. If this happens you will need to manually input a valid device ID into the application. We will help you get the ID.

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