Global Android Market Share – Possible Drivers for Embedded Systems

To get the Android market share, we went back to the latest InMobi data, March 2011. Android is very strong and has already toppled iPhone OS. Note the conditions of this data as noted below:


Data in this report are sourced from our global mobile advertising network which served 31.9 billion impressions in March 2011. With 114 countries receiving over 10 million impressions in March 2011, we are able to claim one of the broadest and most representative networks in the world. Exact specifications are as follows:
• Global Available Impressions in March 2011: 31.9 billion
• Regions Represented: Africa, Asia Pacific, Europe, Middle East, North America, and South America
• Countries Represented: 114 countries with over 10 million impressions in March 2011
• Base Measure: Available Impressions
• Reports: Market Summary, Manufacturer Share, OS Share, and Top Handsets & Connected Devices
• Time Periods: December 2010, March 2011
• Comparisons: March 2011 versus December 2010


The key stuff for us is what Android offers you in the market of embedded systems. This is very huge. Below as some projects you can build based on Android and you can get started immediately. Oh yes, your phone can configure easily any of these functions. Thanks to the all powerful ADK which is engineered for embedded systems.


  • RFID Android based supermarket inventory control—-using Android tablet to access and monitor inventory
  • Speed monitoring system for road safety——Android tablet interfaced with speed monitoring system
  • Security monitoring system or aid for security personnel—-In which Android tablet will be interfaced with wireless security cameras
  • Fuel or fluid level inventory control —–holding your tablet,you can monitor and control fluid level anywhere in the world
  • Automation and process control —interfacing sensors, relays,speed controllers etc to Android tablet through micro-controller wirelessly


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