Apps World Africa, June, South Africa – Tekedia Confirmed

It is magical and we are highly honored. Tekedia is getting attention. Invitations are coming and people are finding value in what we do.

We are happy to confirm that Tekedia will be in Apps World Africa, Cape Town, South Africa next month. We are on the site and this is our page. Yes, notice the Tekedia logo.


We will speak along this line

Apps in Nigeria: mHealth to mCommerce and beyond
– The story of successful adoption of apps for mHealth

– How can the Nigerian app market continue to develop

– What will be the next steps for the industry and how can these be
– The next wave of apps for Nigeria – Farm Apps and mCommerce

–  more

We already have the invitations of Tech4Africa.

We want you to stay connected with Tekedia – we are providing the patterns and sequences of the waves of technology. We need your comments, posts, contributions, directions, etc to get better. We are just about 3-4 weeks old, but we know we have impacts.

If you become an editor or contributor with Tekedia, we will ensure you represent us in many programs. Send your articles to [email protected] today!

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