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Artificial Intelligence Is The Gunpowder Of The 21st Century Business

Artificial Intelligence Is The Gunpowder Of The 21st Century Business

Internet of Things (IoT) is hot and the question is what next, after it? Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the next step after IoT. With IoT you can control and monitor machines through the Internet, but it stops there. You still need to manually look at your phone to increase your room’s temperature or open an app to turn on your smart lighting system.

With artificial intelligence, the machine itself will figure out when to turn on or modulate devices around you based on your previous interactions with them.

This other side of this is that security and its issues will transform drastically. Today, humans are responsible for most hacks across the planet. However, the day we see artificial intelligence grow past the tipping point, will be they day you see hacks and cyberattacks happening 24 hours a day simultaneously from billions of connected devices.

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In the next industrial revolution, the commodity is going to be AI. Any IoT enabled factory or industry can be quickly connected to an AI, which can then go through years of historic data to figure out trends that can drastically improve the efficiency and effectiveness of that production facility. The level of productivity increases or energy efficiency that can be brought in is unimaginable.

Algorithms are domain specific — there is no single set of algorithms for all AI problems. If you take human intelligence, it is not single dimensional. Computers have an arithmetic type of thinking, with pattern recognition and so on, whereas machines have just a single dimension and does not get distracted like humans. With numerous wireless options available today, the amount of raw data coming into an AI can be incredibly high. That will help to improve it capability.

AI will be the gunpowder of the 21st century and will be catalytic in driving industrial production. Now is the time to find how AI can improve your business because it will change everything.


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