Home Community Insights AutoBoom:  Sowing Digital Seeds – An Imperative for Growth, but?

AutoBoom:  Sowing Digital Seeds – An Imperative for Growth, but?

AutoBoom:  Sowing Digital Seeds – An Imperative for Growth, but?

Did you know that your comment on Blog post, Facebook post, Twitter arguments are all digital seeds, that may be used to judge you in no long time? Be careful what you write online, the Internet Never Forgets.

They said we are eyeing the future where Digital Transformation will take over seamlessly,  but a Technology enthusiast would laugh and tell you that we are already in the age of Digital Transformation. The seed was sown right from the time the internet became a reality. 

The question spreads through; 

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  1. What are you using your Digital Seeds to do right now?
  2. Are you planting digitally, at all at all?
  3. Where are you planting your digital seeds, on Tekedia.com just like I am doing or where exactly?
  4. What is your goal with your digital seed; to become an innovative data center for the future generation or just a future outdated fashionista?
  5. If you were opportune to be the seed, what type of seed would you be; the Apple that changed the mind of Eve or the $1.84 Trillion a piece Apple that has disrupted all records? Na you sabi!

Will you argue that, the reason, most of the renowned and college taught inventors, finders, research brains and even crowned princes were mostly the western is because they started planting their Digital Seed right on time, knowing that those seeds will germinate into something beyond the earthly cloud (Google Cloud, AWS, Salesforce, SAP et al). If there is no argument, then let me not tweet again, let us Face this book and express what’s up in our minds below.

Case in the court of mind:

Mike Tyson is looking for healing just like all of us and our acceptance of who he is now is the healing he yearns for, but may not appear so vivid. It is not the Saturday, September 12, 2020 Mike Tyson x Roy Jones Jr.  fight or the next million dollar deal, or to be called the lion again, he is already one, but his jungle is somehow lonely. If you see him, give him a pat on the shoulder and tell him to calm down, all is well. He sowed his today fruit as a seed a long time ago, and must be man enough to reap it. Or do you argue my stance once again.

In one of my articles: The Data War and The Two Men To Rule The World published on Tekedia.com on October 5, 2017.

Excerpt reads: 

“I am scared of a day I will have to wait for another man to feed me, approve my movement and communication. A day this man will have to decide what I will do and not do. This is no longer a quote or assumption, it is now a reality. Imagine the future.

The Rockefellers & Rothschild amongst a few others controlled the economy when the Tech Generated Data were small compared to today. Looking at the moment, you will observe that there are a good number of social and media platforms and many concepts which, if you pay a keen interest on them, you will understand as a person, that to some extent you are no longer in charge of your personal data/information and maybe life”.

I made what will be called an assertion three (3) years ago about the age of data outburst and possible war of interest; which in your conscious mind, it is the reality now. History is the sperm of life, don’t play with it. It is called one name, but they come in millions, but only one or two will survive the race. That is what the internet is like today. One comment on one website, ten other websites will copy your name. So be careful with what you throw around the world wide web, this one is bigger than Lekki beach!.


  1. Shall we because the grease of the internet is too slippery and we should not wear our slippers when crossing the other side? 
  2. Shall we because the internet does not forget things, and not express ourselves for the world to see?

So many people have, because the internet is stealing their data and refusing to even share their views on issues bothering their country, hence making themselves slave to whatever the mermaid influenced politicians agrees on in their own selfish interest; they end up saying.. Ahh, I better have only a twitter account, and not put my picture on Facebook. 

This same person will still use Google Photo to save his or her pictures, even the oldest ones that are really showing their real face before Money made them fine bobo. 

See! Just mind what you sow on the internet, because this digital seed, in or without your consent, even just inside your phone memory is not secured at all. Or better still, become bold enough to man up to whatever the future has to offer, consequently to your digital explosions. If you do not know how to manage this, then use a trump hat and cover it. 

If you can’t control the digital seed, then be man enough to say, ahh that was me back then, OG. develop a sense of humour to address it as those days we were boys. Those days we were the hottest girls in town, that way, your conscience will have a building block. 

  1. If na yahoo you de do, yahoo with pride (I no de celebrate yahoo)
  2. If na Garri you de market, Market with pride
  3. If na pastor you de, pastor with pride
  4. If na sovereignty you de sell, sell with pride
  5. Anything you de do, do with pride.

AutoBoom:  Sowing Digital Seeds – An Imperative for Growth, but

If you sow the right digital seed, on time and in the right digital garden, it has the potential of making you a star, that is why the topic is; Automatic Boom. but if you sow the wrong see, it may not playback immediately, but it will surely shower Automatic Doom. make your choices right, while you still can!

Thank you for taking the time to read, share with your colleagues, maybe the note they need to think differently before they log in again. 

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