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The Data War and The Two Men To Rule The World

The Data War and The Two Men To Rule The World

I am scared of a day I will have to wait for another man to feed me, approve my movement and communication. A day this man will have to decide what I will do and not do. This is no longer a quote or assumption, it is now a reality. Imagine the future.

The Rockefellers & Rothschild amongst a few others controlled the economy when the Tech Generated Data were small compared to today. Looking at the moment, you will observe that there are a good number of social and media platforms and many concepts which, if you pay a keen interest on them, you will understand as a person, that to some extent you are no longer in charge of your personal data/information and maybe life.

The example Tech-worms gearing my assertion, are the concepts to consider;

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  1. Internet Of Things (IoT)
  2. Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  3. Electronic Medical/Health Record (EMR/HER)
  4. BigData and Cloud Computing.
  5. Blockchain

These concepts, though being a good advancement in Technology are in the other way round, harming the future of humanitarian freedom of expression; a time will come when, you can no longer decide for yourself, rather your data will be collected and used to blackmail and compel you to do things which on a normal circumstance, you will never admit to, even at a gunpoint. There is good in every bad they say; the lazy man need not to search the internet for what to buy, googling ads will serve. He need not lift an arm, but his brain nerves will do the work collaboratively with the help of AI and Robotics. Making life a bit easy, I guess. Smh!

The possibility of data war is due to the fact that there are already numerous data being generated in a day, compared to a week, which is already beyond many tech giant enterprise’s control. The same way there were war and people were killed in the past where the likes of weapon makers and sellers utilized the opportunity to become the first hands over the affairs of the world because they could analyze and understand thereby utilize the odd opportunity to enrich their valuables; the similar situation will soon rock the world where the war will be due to the outburst of data against data from different regions across the globe, whereas limited hands will be able to control the systems.

  • The future of the world and her economy lies on the shoulders of the few who can control the numerous Tech Generated data across various systems. Board the train now. by Chidiebere Moses Ogbodo, Founder CEO at PingSmile.com Tech.

The Two Men To Rule The World in Future:

There are many hard heads that will sprout to shove up ideas and enforce quickie rules, to gain some traction, but they also will fall in the list of, “Make We Just Belong,” haha! while the real men that will deal with the world so deeply; except they have the heart of Mercy, they may choose to consider humanity over their personal gains, are;

  • First culprit: The Tech Guy

This guy looks simple, dresses haggard, and talks so gentle, but na big time amo-nsu (wizard, technically).  He has taken his time to learn the art of human-oriented coding/programming; in the sense that he knows human beings behavior very well, taken his time to learn good number of soft skills, some in-born also; hence he can now relate so well and try to convert the human behavior into codes.

A man that can turn a human into code, can compel man to forget his real human sense, and focus on his or phone, graming their life instantly on a daily basis in a simple snap to chat with who he or she doesn’t even know, just by googling through maps has linked him to this alien. This tech guy is worth the concern, and he has a really great share of the future. If he doesn’t start the war, he will not want it to stop because then he will have more room to gather more data. Look out!

  • Second Harbor: Mr. Regulator

A quote reads: If you can’t win them, then join them. This Mr. Regulator has all the political, people backed and gun enabled power, but he will learn so quick, that this time, no be man go save man, even gun can’t stop this war, but a conscience imbibed judicial system may do the world a little good.

Note: Men are in things because of what they will gain out of it, so a tech guy who is enjoying his advanced coding skills and gathering data, and still being paid for his work, cannot listen to your preaching of Conscience. So, what is the solution? Mr. regulator would either go hard on confiscation of infrastructures housing the data centers, or better join the game to save his family for the future. This one is big wahala, if you can understand.

The two guys mentioned above are the President and House of Senate of the future. If you were not able to achieve this political seating now, do not worry, learn coding, and data manipulation, you will soon enjoy the hot seat. It is juicy but wooski.

The Good News

The good news comes in disguise such that, if anyone or group of persons will be able to control at least the 60% of these data, then they will be in charge of the affairs of the world and thereby become the Rockefellers & Rothschild of the future moment.

If you want to control a good share of the world in the near future, learn the strategy behind data manipulation, digital transformation and human-vice-electronic intelligence, else you will be among the willing tools of experiment.

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