Aviat Networks Advance Synchronization Over Microwave Backhaul

Aviat Networks, Inc., a leader in wireless transmission solutions, has announced it is among the first companies to join the Symmetricom®, Inc, SyncWorld™ Ecosystem Program for delivering tested solutions for mobile backhaul synchronization over packet microwave networks. Collaborating with Symmetricom strengthens Aviat Networks’ solution portfolio for IP network migration by adding IEEE 1588v2 synchronization capability, which enables the smooth introduction of 4G/LTE. This solution capability is in addition to Synchronous Ethernet (SyncE), which was added to Aviat’s Eclipse platform in late 2010.


Maintaining accurate timing and synchronization in mobile networks is critical for successful call “hand off” when mobile users are traveling between cell sites and to ensure overall voice quality and performance is maintained. As mobile operators migrate their backhaul networks to Ethernet to efficiently handle the vast amounts of growing data and video traffic, a reliable method of maintaining synchronization over packet network is required. Precision Time Protocol, standardized as IEEE 1588v2, has become the de facto standard for packet timing.


Aviat Networks and Symmetricom have also jointly completed extensive performance and interoperability tests to verify the performance of 1588v2 timing over various complex microwave backhaul network configurations under real-world deployment scenarios, including a 10-hop microwave backhaul network supporting Adaptive Coding and Modulation (ACM).

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